Carthage, in upstate New York, serves 3,556 students, of which, 58% are military students from the Fort Drum Army Base. E-STEM has many established partners that will collaborate on this project, one of which is Clarkson University, which is ranked as having one of the "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs" in the nation. Clarkson's experience with the field of project based STEM programs, has led to a great depth of understanding of student needs and what works!

E-STEM   will   use   a   four   part   approach   to   accelerate   students' Mathematics and STEM learning to attain grade level math proficiency:

  1. STEM themed, project based interdisciplinary units of study across various content areas;


  2. STEM and Math enrichment After School;


  3. Math Summer Bridge, with a focus on acceleration of mathematics achievement and STEM Challenges. Teachers will participate in over 60 hrs. of yearlong professional development ;


  4. Family and community engagement

-STEM's goals are to :

(1) Increase 3rd and 4th grade student achievement in mathematics;

(2) Increase elementary student experiences with STEM principles;

(3) Increase students’ sense of belonging (commitment to school) by increasing Family, agency, community, and University engagement opportunities to meet the diverse academic, socio/emotional needs of students.