Color Wheel
2D Art with Ms. Compeau
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Art has always been at the center of great cultures as a natural part of human experience and learning. The Carthage Middle School 2-D art program seeks to instill in students a significant insight in the visual arts. I adhere to the belief that students can find pleasure and fulfillment both as a “maker and a perceiver of art.”


Visual qualities or the elements and principles of design I believe are the building blocks from which art is created. Learning about the elements and principles compare to learning an alphabet from which increasingly complex meaning and form can be constructed and expressed.


In these photographs My 6th grade students are creating their own individual Color Wheels!  Learning about the concept of Color and Color Theory focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary colors.


Color is one of the fundamental elements of art. I believe it is important for my students not only to be exposed to color theory but to also understand it.  This lesson helps my students grasp the concept of color theory. - Mary Compeau