Grant Terminology
Glossary of Terms Related to Grants and Funding Term or Acronym Definition Used


Grant Seeker Person, school, district, and etc.who are applying for the grant. This term is used in workshops, journals, etc.


Grantee Person, school, district, and etc.who receive the grant this term is used in applications and\ instructions.


Grantor or Grant Maker Agency, organization, etc. who is providing the grant This term is used in applications and instructions.


RFA Request for Application a call for grant applications simpler format than RFP


RFP Request for Proposal a call for grant proposals more complex, narrative format


LEA Local Educational Agency the district education department that applies for and oversees the grant


SEA State Educational Agency the state education department that applies for and oversees the grant


Discretionary Grants Competitive grants These grants are applied for directly to the Federal Government.


Formula Grants awarded to eligible entities through allocation based on the program’s authorizing legislation; block grants or categorical These grants are sent directly to the states, who disburse monies according to the formula (ex. Title I, Migrant).


Block Grants a formula fund that is not allocated to a specific category and is more flexibly distributed The grant seeker applies directly to state for these funds, and state sets up procedures for their disbursement.


Sub grants Formula or competitive grants made from a larger Grant Ex. Technology, Literacy Challenge, and REA


Project The proposed plan, the plan for which grant funds are being requested Projects may include instructional materials and must adhere to the criteria specified by the grant.


Boilerplate Materials A mass produced proposal or one that is copied from another grant a big DON’T in grant world-should only be used as a guide-rarely funded


EDGAR Education Department General Administration Regulation provides criteria and instruction on grant applications


Private Sector Grants and Funding Foundation and corporate grants that allocate funds to strengthen education easier to obtain than federal and state grants and often have community-based interests


CFDA Number Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number – that identifies the

federal grant. The CFDA is the encyclopedia of all funding programs – the way all grants are catalogued



Federal Register Public notice of all grants appears on site once they are approved by Congress.


NOFA Notice of Funding Availability information on program’s purpose, eligibility

requirements, application deadline, award amounts, etc.


SSPOC Single State Point of Contact state contact that district must use when applying for certain federal grants


E-Application Electronic grant Application system Most federal grants can now be applied for online.


Reliability A project requirement of most demonstration grants Federal and state grantors want to know if the project can be replicated in other places.


OESE Office of Elementary and Secondary Education one of six agencies under which grants are organized and authorized.