Immunization Requirements

By Heather T. Adams 
Senior Research Analyst 
Reprinted from the September 15, 2003 issue of On Board 
Courtesy of NYSSBA (New York State School Board Association)

Students entering kindergarten and students entering seventh grade are affected by the new state rules on immunizations in effect this school year. 
Upon entering kindergarten, students must have an immunization certificate for the varicella (chicken pox) vaccination. 
Upon entering seventh grade, students must have an immunization certificate for the hepatitis B vaccination series. 
In various other grades, students must submit immunization certificates to prove that they have been immunized against poliomyelitis, mumps, measles, diphtheria, rubella and, in some cases, haemophilus influenza Type B. 
No child may be admitted to school or allowed to attend school for more than 14 days without an appropriate immunization certificate or acceptable evidence of immunization.  (There are, however, exceptions to the immunization requirements such as proof that the vaccine would be detrimental to the student's health or genuine and sincere religious beliefs prohibiting immunization.) 
Additionally, students new to the district as well as those in kindergarten, first, third, seventh and 10th graders are required by state law to present a health certificate signed by a New York State licensed physician.  This certificate must state whether the student's condition of bodily health is fit enough to permit his or her attendance in the public schools. If a student does not present a health certificate, a notice must be sent to the student's parents or guardian stating that if the required certificates are not furnished within 15 days from the date of that notice, the student will be given a medical examination by the school district's physician.

Please click link below for the most updated vaccine requirements from the NYS Department of Health.  


For more detailed information on immunizations and health services please visit the Carthage CSD Health Services page. 


Immunization Requirements
Please visit the NYS Health website for the most up-to-date immunization requirements for school entrance/attendance.