Additional counseling resources

The Carthage High School-School Based Health Clinic has several licensed counselors on site to provide mental health services for students with emotional and mental health needs. All insurances are accepted and there are no co-pays for services provided. For additional information, please contact the SBHC directly at 315-493-5070.

The Student Assistance Program is a NYS certified prevention and support counseling program that helps students with their concerns, difficulties, and decision-making. The Student Assistance Counselor provides support through one-to-one discussions, awareness information, assistance with coping skills, and referral services. This program is both confidential and voluntary. The Student Assistance Program is part of Pivot, a community agency of Jefferson County.

The Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) is an Army supported position intended to provide outreach services to local military students in order to ease their transitions to new schools and address issues related to deployment. The MFLC counselor may assist military parents and children with communication, self-esteem, conflict resolution, behavioral management techniques, bullying, deployment and reintegration issues, to name a few.

Please contact the school counseling office for additional information.