CCSD Programs


Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program:  Regional Military Family Counselors are working in five Carthage School’s.  These are Army supported positions to provide outreach services to local military students in order to ease their transitions to new schools and address issues related to deployment.  For more information please contact any prinicpal within the district.



MAP - Middle School Achievement Program:  An ongoing after school program for Carthage Middle School Students.  Contact:  Rebecca Reed (  YMCA, 250 State Street, Carthage, New York 13619 at (315) 523-3339 or Tracy Strock (  at 493-5123.

CASE (Carthage After School Enrichment) is a NEW after school program made possible through the Department of Defense Educational Agency and the U.S. Department of Education.  It offers scheduled after school activities that are educational, recreational and fun!  Activities change every 8 weeks.  CASE is always looking for adults who have hobby skills they might wish to share with students.  Registration forms are online at the District web page or you can contact Tracy Strock ( at 315-493-5123 for more information.  Contacts:  Black River Elementary, Bridget Finster ( at 315-773-5911, West Carthage Elementary, Carthage Elementary or the Middle School, Tracy Strock ( at 493-5123.



Primary Project:  If you know a child who appears to be having challenges in the clasroom, Primary Project may be part of the solution.  The Primary Project program has helped over one million children in 2,100 schools adjust to classroom environments.  The target audience for this program are teachers and parents of children who may be having school adjustment challenges in preschool through 3rd grade.  For more information contact:  Tracy Strock ( at 315-493-5175, Carthage Elementary, Brianna West ( at 315-493-1570, Black River Elementary, Jodie Delaney ( at 315-773-5911, West Carthage Elementary, T.B.A. at 315-493-2400. 


Sneaks n' Treats:  An after school program at West Carthage Elementary and Black River Elementary.  The main goal is to encourage community and family involvement using the school facilities outside of school hours.  The program, offered in January and February, gives families an opportunity to be active even though they can't get outside much.  Activities such as basketball, volleyball and snowshoeing are offered.  Students can bounce between activities, while their parents play along or socialize.  For more information contact:  Marty Weaver ( at 315-493-2400.