Technology Overview

Overview of Technology at the Carthage Central School District

At CCSD we take pride in teaching 21st Century students with technology integration throughout K-12. Our students are digital natives and we recognize that these students utilize technology in their every day lives and will continue to do so into the work force. 

All CCSD teachers have the capacity to utilize and integrate technology in a consistent manner and engage students through and with technology across the whole district. We are extremely fortunate to have a Board of Education that knows and understands the value of technology in education.

  • Computers are located in all classrooms, along with computer labs, wireless laptop carts, interactive white boards, and projectors. 
  • All computers are connected to the Internet.
  • A wide variety of software applications exist across all grade levels.
  • 5th grade classrooms are Smart classrooms, which include ceiling mounted projectors, Cable TV, DVD, Sound system, and a tablet PC. These technologies engage students and teachers in interactive learning.
  • All teachers have a dedicated projector in their classroom that is being used in conjunction with a tablet PC, laptop and/or iPad to incorporate technology in their daily lessons with students.
  • A variety of instructional software.
  • Wireless access in all instructional buildings.
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) for all staff and high school students.
  • All CCSD Internet access is filtered according to the Children's Internet Protection Act.

    The school-home connection is established via our Student Management System (Infinite Campus). This web enabled software gives students and guardians the ability to track grades, attendance and other pertinent information to the students’ educational progress. This is especially important if a guardian or parent is out of the area, such as a soldier who might be deployed. This feature enables them to have total access to their student’s progress.

    Teachers’ web-pages (classroom pages) are another way the school-home connection is encouraged as teachers post assignments, homework as well as other information on their web pages.

    Our local TV Public Access Channel in conjunction with our CCSD website offers a wealth of information in regards to students’ and school activities.  All Staff contact information (e-mail) and other information that students, parents and the community may seek can be found on our website.