What Can I have and Not have on the Bus?

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What can be brought on the bus?

All items brought to school should be packed in a carry case such as a tote bag or backpack.  Carrying cases must be small enough to be held on the student’s lap comfortably.  Nothing should be dangling from any carry case such as strings, key chains etc.  Clothing and bags should not be restrictive in any way and should allow students the ability to move their hands and arms freely in case the bus needs to be exited quickly due to an emergency. 


What is not Allowed on the Bus?

New York State Department of Transportation and Federal Regulations Prohibits bringing large items and many musical instruments on school buses, if an item is too large to be held in a student’s lap comfortably it cannot be transported. 

  • Items that are not allowed on the school bus include but not limited to:  skateboards, weapons (real or play), pets or any live animals except service animals, glass containers, aerosol cans or bottles, paints, plants, play putty and other arts & craft items, sharp objects or objects with points, food for class parties or large class objects, any athletic equipment, and musical instruments that cannot be transported comfortably on a student’s lap.
  • If an item is too large to transport it must be brought to school by alternate means.  Please make these alternative transportation arrangements ahead of time.  This will help ensure the safety and timeliness of your student as well as others riding the bus.  
  • Prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines (such as: Tylenol, cold remedies, etc) are not permitted on the school buses.  If a student needs medication, the parent should deliver the medication directly to the school nurse.  Epi-pens or sweet packs will be given to the bus driver by the school nurse for the driver to carry and dispense.   
  • Wearing cleats on the school bus is also prohibited. Cleats can damage the interior of the bus and create unsafe conditions such as slippery, wet surfaces for our student athletes.